Mr. Kenneth N. Jones is an urban real estate developer and development and project management consulting professional with over 17 years of experience. His leadership in a number of important initiatives surrounding affordable housing, urban infill, and transit-oriented and mixed-development has literally impacted the lives of thousands of families, individuals, and seniors. He was worked with a variety of public and private clients to help them to complete projects that improve communities for senior and families, including the City of San Francisco, City of Oakland, the University of North Carolina MBA Program, and a host of other for-profit and non-profit developers throughout northern California and North Carolina.


As a guest lecturer at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill MBA Program, Mr. Jones is a recognized leader in sustainability and urban development. Mr. Jones was selected as part of a national team to evaluate the development potential and develop a master plan for Atlantic Beach, South Carolina. With the health disparities faced by many low-income communities, Mr. Jones has been a leader and staunch advocate for “healthy homes” and sustainable development.


Mr, Jones has also worked with a number of community organizations including the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Plugged-In, the Peoples Community Credit Union.   Mr. Jones is involved in public policy, advocacy, and serves on a number of non-profit Boards including the East Bay Housing Organizations and the Fresh Food Foundation.   Mr. Jones graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Business Administration and has a graduate degree in Real Estate and the Built Environment from the University of Denver.